Gayle Crist

Dating Success Coaching

I’ve worked with singles of all ages and in all situations—those who are divorced or widowed and those who’ve never been married. It’s incredibly rewarding to help people find love! Here’s what some of my satisfied clients have said about my dating coaching services:


"The online dating is going well. I'm meeting someone tonight who sounds promising. I have an entirely different approach to online dating since seeing you and reading your book. I am much clearer about how this should all work."

-Colleen, 56


"I'm so glad I came to you for suggestions, since it helped me to see myself in a different way and how much I have to offer a man. You helped me focus on my positive qualities, which helped me have the courage to ask someone to dance. We've been dating 7 months now, and I'm very happy. You definitely helped me attract the man of my dreams!"                             -Carol L., 61


“Anyone who’s been wandering around the dating scene without a plan should see you. You pointed me in the right direction, and now I’m dating a man who’s perfect for me!”                                                                       - Kim, 42


“I chose you to help me focus on dating searches, which is tough with my busy schedule. You helped me stay on track meeting my goals. As a result, I’ve had more dates and found more places to meet other singles my age.”

                                                                                      -Mary Ellen, 56


 “Your coaching style is a wonderful combination of reflective listening, cheerleading, and trusting that I’m capable of working out what’s best for me. You’ve helped me articulate what’s important in my life and held me accountable so I can reach my goal of finding a compatible partner. Thanks SO much!”

                                                                                          - Thalia K., 54


“Talking to you has helped me understand why the things I was doing when I first met a new woman weren’t working. You’ve given me some great ideas to use and helped me feel more confident. I’ve learned a lot about what makes women tick. Thanks a lot for your help.”                                    –Bob B., 52