Gayle Crist

Dating Success Coaching


š       Guidance on Singles Groups & Events…So You Know Where to Go to Meet People

I stay informed about events, groups, and venues where singles hang out…so I can steer you to new places to meet people at singles groups, speed dating events, hobby organizations, wine tastings, parties, volunteer/charity events, Law of Attraction Meetup Groups, and a myriad of other places singles mingle.


š       Support Improving Your Confidence & Self-Image…to Ensure You Feel Ready & Able to Attract Great Dates

We all know confident people are more attractive. That’s why confidence is 70% of the success formula in dating. I work with you and offer tips to help you feel more confident as you head “out there” into the world of singles. It can be intimidating on your own, but with me as your moral supporter and dating coach, you’ll be ready and rarin’ to go!


š      Instruction in Important Dating “Skills” Such as Flirting & Communicating

Once you have the confidence, all you need is to fine-tune a few key dating skills. I’ll teach you the easiest, most natural ways to flirt with someone you’re interested in and things to say that will break the ice and keep him or her not only interested… but dying to learn more about you!


Experts tell us we say far more nonverbally with body language, eye contact, and tone of voice than we do with the words we say. I can share insights and information with you about how to modify both your nonverbal and verbal communications with the opposite sex…so you say what you mean and don’t give mixed messages.


š       Help Understanding the Opposite Sex…to Make Dating Easier & Less Confusing

Singles come to me all the time with questions about why someone they were e-mailing online disappeared or why a prospect at a first meeting didn’t seem interested in getting together again. It all boils down to learning what makes men/women tick, how they think, and what they want. I’ve done extensive research on the topic of male-female communication and dating behaviors and have plenty of insight to offer. Pick my brain for info that’ll help make searching for dates and the whole dating process a lot less scary and a lot more FUN!